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Strengthen Classroom Management in Your School by Developing Your Own Trainers!

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Strengthen Classroom Management in Your School by Developing Your Own Trainers!

Meet Our Team

We have carefully assembled a team of highly qualified educators who possess a diverse range of experiences and talents, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the schools and districts with whom we collaborate.

Rick Dahlgren

Center for Teacher Effectiveness, CEO

Rick Dahlgren is a 21st-century, high-energy, motivational speaker, educator, author & researcher. For the last three decades, he has been producing training programs for grades K-12 to develop teaching techniques in a fun & motivating manner. By redefining teaching & learning with easy-to-use strategies, you will improve classroom behavior, diverse learning needs & drive your students to learn.

Dr. Aaron Dahlgren

Center for Teacher Effectiveness, VP

Dr. Aaron Dahlgren believes that the missing ingredient in many classrooms today is a connection with kids. He thinks that students need to feel valued as human beings before they can excel academically. Dr. Dahlgren stresses the importance of practical, research-based strategies for teachers that they can implement immediately in their classrooms. He also acknowledges the challenges faced by educators and recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching does not work in today’s diverse classrooms.

Dr. Johnny Alvarado

Director Business Growth and Development

Dr. Johnny Alvarado is an accomplished individual with an impressive academic background. Dr. Alvarado’s professional experience encompasses teaching at various levels, from elementary through secondary settings, in three different school districts. He has also held administrative positions such as Assistant Principal and Principal in elementary, middle, and high school education settings, and currently serves as Assistant Superintendent in Parlier Unified School District. Dr. Alvarado’s expertise extends beyond academia, as he is also an accomplished author and a recognized agent of climate and culture change.

Randy Boardmdan Training Teachers

Dr. Randy Boardman

Lead Trainer and Executive Advisor

Dr. Randy Boardman is a Certified Time To Teach! Trainer, and Executive Advisor for CTE. He spent over 20 years as a professional speaker and trainer across the US, Canada and the UK. His vast training experience also includes the development, certification and implementation protocols with adult learners, across an array of intervention curriculum. He also spent over 25 years in the public schools, as a building Principal at Elementary, Middle and High Schools, a Special Educator, and an Adjunct Faculty at a University.

Eric Combs

Partner and Curriculum Developer

Eric Combs served in the United States Air Force for 20 years. After retiring, he became an Air Force Junior ROTC instructor and a high school teacher in Ohio, where he won the 2006 Ohio Teacher of the Year award. He holds multiple degrees, including a Bachelor in Forensic Anthropology and Master in Education and Educational Leadership, and is an active member of the National State Teachers of the Year organization.

Rosa Dingle - National Trainer

Dr. Rosa Dingle

Executive Director

Meet Dr. Dingle, a dynamic Time To Teach trainer with a passion for students and a talent for engaging her audience at all levels. With her relatable style and proven strategies for working with students of all backgrounds and behavioral concerns, every participant leaves her training feeling valued and empowered to make a positive impact in the classroom. Whether you’re a new teacher just starting out or a seasoned educator looking for fresh ideas, Dr. Dingle’s powerful classroom management and instructional strategies are sure to inspire you and help you achieve your goals.
Jim Bob

Jim Bob Solsbery

Executive Director

Jim Bob Solsbery has spent the last 25 years working with over 80,000 educators in 200 school districts all across the United States. He not only motivates, inspires and entertains educators, but shares with them practical, proven strategies they can take away and use effectively in their classrooms – immediately! Jim Bob also helps them feel self-value and to feel proud of the profession they have chosen because they definitely will make a difference in the lives of students. As a successful educator, coach, and national trainer he promises to teach, motivate, and inspire educators in his school trainings and school district keynotes.

A Message from

Rick Dahlgren

 and his Team of Experts

Dear Colleague:

Great strategies and ideas withstand the test of time, but society has changed, and so have the students we work within our schools. We face a variety of behaviors that steal our valuable teaching time every day.

The strategies you will learn in our Train-the-Trainer Institute were developed with a 21st-century focus, mindful of the children coming to our classes today. We promise to train YOU how to teach other educators what to do with repeatedly disruptive, non-compliant, anxious, or angry students. Furthermore, how to effectively deal with meltdowns, blow-ups, and serious situations. We will then teach you how to deliver this content to your staff at a high level.

We are excited to train you to become an expert trainer! You will provide doable and powerful ideas that are sure to help your staff successfully teach disruptive and challenging students using evidence-based strategies that work! You will teach strategies designed to prevent misbehavior as well as how to respond to misbehavior skillfully. Plus, we will teach you strategies for calming every classroom creating happy, safe, and comfortable learning environments! We will teach you how to go back to your staff and implement with high levels of fidelity and success!

If you and your staff are looking for specific ways to eliminate misbehavior and make your classrooms a very positive place, we encourage you to please join us in this extraordinarily active and interactive, Train-the-Trainer institute. We look forward to sharing our research-based ideas and enthusiasm for creating a classroom where all students succeed.

Are you currently using another program as well but want to take your school to the next level? You will be able to blend our training and strategies perfectly into your current district/school-wide system or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (or any other program out there!).

The Train-the-Trainer course is intense. First, your will see the polished presentation. Next, we deconstruct the training component by component, reteach, and then YOU will teach our team of nationally known experts. Cohorts from your training will provide feedback, as well as our team of expert trainers. A famous French moralist and essayist, Joseph Joubert, said “To teach is to learn twice.” The act of teaching by putting the learner in place of a teacher dramatically increases understanding and retention. You WILL BECOME an expert Classroom Management trainer for your school or district. Our model of training guarantees it!

Sincerely yours in education,
Rick Dahlgren and his Team of Classroom Management Experts

P.S. Nu Docendo discimus!

Rick Training

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