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Strengthen Classroom Management in Your School by Developing Your Own Trainers!

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Strengthen Classroom Management in Your School by Developing Your Own Trainers!

Time To Teach® Three-Day Train-the-Trainer Institute

Becoming an Evidence-Based Classroom Management Trainer for Your School, District, or Organization Is More Important Than Ever Before.


What is Time To Teach®

Discover the ultimate solution to minimizing disruptions and accelerating learning in your school. Unlock the power of cutting-edge, research-based strategies that are proven to work!

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We Train



You Train Your School Staff


Positive School Results


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Sample School Achievements Supported by Our Strategies

Results from One of Our Certified On-Site Trainers


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Our Teacher-Focused Training Strategies

Our Teacher-Focused Training Strategies Help Schools and Classrooms Establish Successful Sustainable Learning Environments and Emotionally Safer Classrooms

As a trainer, the strategies you teach will…


Decrease teacher turnover and burnout


Increase teacher job satisfaction


Decrease referrals to the office


Increases student scores


Enhance students' satisfaction with the school


Enhance parents' satisfaction with the school


Unlimited training on your campus

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Register today to attend the Time To Teach Train-the Trainer.


Learn powerful strategies from leading experts


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Become the trainer to ignite unparalleled growth in your school system

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Benefits of the Time To Teach® Train-the-Trainer.

You will lead and empower your fellow colleagues to become proficient Classroom Management practitioners. This will result in a remarkable reduction in disciplinary issues, a substantial increase in teacher job satisfaction, and significant enhancements in student engagement and on-task behavior.

Positive Outcomes

Learn how to skillfully facilitate effective Classroom Management training.

Build Internal Expertise

Make Classroom Management a critical component of your comprehensive instructional approach in classrooms and school.

Continued Support

Enjoy access to a “certified trainers-only” online portal with tools and videos to continually improve.

Model-Lead-Test Focus

You will practice and learn how to expertly deliver high-quality, engaging, and effective Classroom Management training for educators.

Teach Your Colleagues

Substantially diminish disruptive behavior and elevate teaching success.

Sustainable System

You will create years of Classroom Management success for the teachers in their school. Register a team of teachers!

Learn From Experts

Their ideas and strategies are being used with great success in classrooms and buildings across America.

Help Your Colleagues

Learn next-day strategies that create happy, calm, high-performing classrooms infused with positivity and structure.

Be the Reason for a Positive Change in Your School or District – Join Us!


This comprehensive Classroom Management training program equips you with everything you need to become a highly successful trainer for your staff.


You’ll also receive live support and dozens of relationship-building ideas to help your teachers turn their most challenging students into their best allies.


With best-selling professional development resources, a comprehensive training manual, core course materials, and a private portal, you’ll have all the tools to deliver effective training to your teachers.


Spend less time managing behavior; spend more time teaching! Your school or district will be recognized as a top-tier institution filled with hardworking, on-task students and happy, effective teachers.


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Professional Development for Teachers and Other Educators

A Unique Institute.

You will train your colleagues to effectively manage students who ‘use up’ academic time through repeated violations of classroom and school rules. The good news is that innovative strategies for addressing problem behavior are within reach! As classroom management experts, we will certify you to teach these strategies. Once certified, your guidance will provide valuable solutions to address the everyday misbehavior challenges your colleagues face. These proven strategies are highly effective for both experienced and new teachers, fostering emotionally secure learning environments.

How It Works…



Register yourself, or even a group, for a nearby train-the-trainer certification class. Help elevate teaching and learning in your school or district.


We Train You

You will become a certified Time To Teach classroom management trainer, providing powerful techniques and strategies to individuals in your school or district. Following certification, we offer support to you and your staff through the provision of classroom materials and continuous consultation.


You Train

Your Teachers

We authorize you to integrate our evidence-based strategies with your school’s policies and procedures, ensuring customized and consistent training throughout your institution.


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Additional Details


The Train-the-Trainer Institute led by nationally known experts offers a comprehensive, interactive, and research-based training to prepare teachers to teach Classroom Management strategies.


The Time To Teach program has been nationally recognized for reducing referrals and increasing academic and instruction time.


Participants will collaborate in both large and small groups with our behavior experts to both enhance their understanding of Classroom Management and how to present those ideas to others.


You will receive a set of curriculum resources before the training and gain access to a comprehensive trainer portal after the training. This portal includes a wide range of materials, including training videos, PowerPoints, handouts, active audience participation strategies, and more.


The program guarantees to elevate staff members into skilled, knowledgeable Classroom Management trainers who can train and support other teachers in implementing proactive strategies.


The program guarantees to elevate attendees into skilled, knowledgeable Classroom Management trainers who can train and support other teachers in implementing proactive strategies.


You will learn and then teach other educators strategies to calmly avoid power struggles, decrease attention-getting behaviors, and develop a cooperative mindset in challenging students.


The program teaches evidence-based interventions to build a calm classroom and address low-level and crisis prevention and intervention.


Teachers will learn how to create an inviting, learning-conducive, safe, inclusive, and supportive classroom based on the latest BRAIN RESEARCH.


The program teaches methods to address behaviors outside of the classroom and develop consistent expectations with students.


Teachers will be provided with a toolbox of techniques to eliminate low-level misbehavior and establish positive, trusting relationships with students to create a learning community where students give maximum effort.

What Educators Are Saying…

John Hargrove, Principal

“During my first two years as principal of Clark Street Elementary School, we experienced over 300 office referrals and over 150 out-of-school suspensions! This year we fully implemented the seminar strategies and so far we have only had two office referrals in six weeks!”

Elsbeth Prigmore, Principal

“Pioneer Continuation High School has our district’s highest number of at-risk 11th and 12th grade students. Using the seminar blueprint, we saw school suspensions drop from 39% to 18% over a three-year period, in-house suspensions cut in half, and significant increases in passing rates and other student achievement measures. Overall, the school has experienced a positive, systemic cultural change.”

Dr. Brodie Bricker, Principal

“The training provided a discipline system that sets predetermined boundaries with a positive approach. Students are accountable for their actions. It is built on a mutual respect for the teacher and student that ensures that teachers can teach and students can learn. It creates a positive classroom environment.”

Principals and teachers across America recommend and rate our Classroom Management Train-the-Trainer course as the best and most effective training for student results offered anywhere.

This Train-the-Trainer is specifically designed for K-12 Classroom Teachers, School and Team Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Instructional Assistants, Educator Mentors, Behavioral Specialists, Principals, Assistant Principals, Counselors, Psychologists, Special Education Staff, Title I Staff, Staffing Specialists, Staff Development Trainers, and School or District Administrators.

Renowned Presenter and CEO Rick Dahlgren and His Coveted National Classroom Management Training Team

CEO: Rick Dahlgren stands as a distinguished national and international figure in education, revered for his dynamic role as a speaker, psychologist, behaviorist, educator, and accomplished author with five influential books and a trove of book chapters, papers, and presentations. Over his extensive 30-year career within educational settings, Rick has specialized in effectively handling challenging, disruptive behaviors across all grade levels, impacting the lives of thousands of educators. His proven methods and innovative insights have enriched the pedagogical approaches of over 400,000 teachers worldwide.

TEAM: Rick has a tremendous vision for our education future and has built a world class team to make that vision a reality. They are nationally respected professionals, each equipped with expertise in psychology, education, training, speaking, and authoring, similar to his own. This remarkable team of experts shares Rick’s dedication to transforming classroom management strategies. Each member contributes a distinct skill set and extensive experience, collectively forming a powerhouse of knowledge, insights, and innovative teaching methodologies. Rick’s leadership and collaboration have cultivated an exceptional group of educators focused on enhancing learning environments, fostering positive student-teacher relationships, and equipping educators with effective tools to tackle behavioral challenges.
What sets this team apart is their captivating training style, blending highly valuable strategies with entertainment with inspiration. Their engaging sessions are known for their down-to-earth delivery and relatable real-life examples. Their trainings aren’t just about theory, but putting theory into practice.

In those critical moments where preventive strategies fall short and disruptive behaviors emerge, their expertise shines. They equip educators with immediate, impactful interventions to avert behavioral escalations. Their strategies not only address disruptive behaviors but also elevate the performance of non-compliant students. Moreover, they share potent techniques that swiftly diffuse power struggles, transforming classrooms into nurturing hubs of engaged learning.

YOU: Becoming a certified trainer for your school isn’t just an opportunity for growth; it’s an investment in transformative change. Your future engaging sessions promise not only professional development but a roadmap to foster inclusive, productive, and successful educational spaces.


Meet Our Team

Important Details about your

Train-the-Trainer Certification.

Here are the details:


Each day will begin at 8:00 AM sharp and end at 3:30 PM. We will maximize our time for learning and allow for you to have some time to rest relax and then begin another intensive training day!


This course is ideal for schools and districts looking to create a core team of trainers to provide training to build and sustain an extraordinarily successful school-wide Classroom Management program.


This is a practical, powerful, career enhancing three-day Institute focused ON supporting teachers IN implementing RESEARCH-BASED classroom management STRATEGIES. Bring world-class classroom management strategies to YOUR school or district and boost teacher expertise and success and student achievement and happiness!


After completing the three-day Train-the-Trainer Institute, you will be authorized to train Time To Teach at your school or district where you work. After you have conducted your first Time To Teach training at your school or district, you will achieve your full Site-Based Certification status for two-years. You will be invited to attend the Train-the-Trainer at the end of your initial two-year certification to extend your certification for another two years. Each training you conduct with your staff will potentially have the following costs for your school or district: special reduced trainer only wholesale material costs, shipping, applicable taxes, and a minimal content use fee on training days. Also, always know that we will have you covered with unparalleled support like no one else provides.


Your two-year subscription grants you complimentary 24/7 access to our comprehensive Classroom Management training portal. This portal houses a wealth of instructional videos and specialized modules meticulously crafted to facilitate your journey to becoming an adept trainer. Additionally, you’ll have access to professionally designed PowerPoint presentations, training insights, and engaging audience participation strategies aimed at invigorating your training sessions, among other valuable resources.


The fee is $1395 per person and allows you unlimited training in your district during the two year certification.

Books You Will Receive for This Training

You’ll receive extensive handbooks and lesson plan books that will equip you with countless strategies and resources to enhance your presentations. These materials will help you deliver compelling and effective presentations every time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your skills to new heights – sign up today and receive all four books!
Classroom Management ResourceManual
Time To Teach ENC
Teach To's
Unconditional Positive Regard book

We’ve Got What You Need!

Looking for practical ways to impact your school or district with successful Classroom Management strategies? Look no further! Our Three-Day Train-the-Trainer Institute offers the latest and best strategies to decrease disruptions and create a positive learning environment. Register today as an individual or gather a group of 3-5 trainers to capitalize on this exclusive opportunity to collaborate and exchange insights with fellow educators.  Our seminar will provide you with the tools to reduce disruptive behaviors in your students, and train your teachers to use positive intervention strategies to make problem behaviors teachable moments. You’ll also receive critical information on how to deliver high-quality, engaging, and effective training sessions to your staff. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep the success of your school or district at a high level!

As part
of the

Excellent resources will  be made available!

Each participant will be provided with a valuable package of resources that includes a two-year subscription to the best-selling Time To Teach Training Portal, which features streaming video content to aid in preparation for training.

Additionally, comprehensive resource books containing material to reinforce and extend learning will be provided.

Moreover, detailed digital facilitator's guide videos will be included to walk participants through the delivery of a powerful Time To Teach professional development.

Finally, an adaptable PowerPoint slide deck will be provided to assist presentation teams in quickly developing their own school and district training.

Oh, We Offer That Too!

Prefer a top presenter at your location instead of becoming a trainer? We offer cost-effective solutions and on-site training with our nationally known outstanding presenters

Do you need help selecting a you need to talk with someone?


A Time To Teach representative is ready to help you select the Time To Teach training program that’s right for your school.

Prefer to have one of our nationally acclaimed expert trainers provide training for your school? Inquire about our on-site training sessions tailored for groups of 10 or more teachers.


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We stand behind every program and training product we provide. If a participant is not satisfied with a training program or product, we provide a 100% refund of the fee.